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The Best Fraction Calculator for Measurement Math


Out now for iOS and Android

Maker Calc is a measurement calculator for anyone who wants to improve their craft.
For woodworkers, metalworkers, leathercrafters, and everyone that uses a tape measure.

Instant Results

Optimized Key Layout

Maker Calc has been very intentionally designed to make equation input dead simple. Whole numbers on the left, fractions on the right.

Additionally, only the essential denominator inputs that you’d find on a standard tape measure are included.

Results as You Type

The absence of an equals sign means that with every value you input, new results are generated. Ensuring you get the results you need as fast as you can type out the numbers from your measuring tape.

Absolute Precision

Rounding Zone

The math you perform won’t always land on a nice even fraction that you’ll find on your tape measure, but you need to have the power to get as close as possible.

Choose your rounding precision and easily grasp where your result falls between the two nearest fractions. Eliminate the guesswork and select the result that best applies to your need.

Precision Adjustment

Adjust your rounding precision in settings is very simple. You can even do it while in the middle of an equation to see the new results.

The Unit You Need

Live Conversions

All of the most relevant conversions are calculated as you type, just like your results.

  • Fraction Inch Value
  • Decimal Inch Value
  • Feet and Inches if greater than 12 inches
  • Centimeters
  • Millimeters

You can also easily switch your input unit from inches to millimeters if neeeded.

View it larger

Tapping on the “Live Conversions” area will expand the conversions to make them larger and more prominent.

Never Forget Again

Equation History

Did an equation last thursday but can’t remember all the values? Every time you push AC, your equation and its result gets saved so you can access it whenever you need.

Star and Label past equations

Keep track of the meaningful equations by starring the ones you don’t want to forget. Additionally, you can add labels to better identify what they pertain to.

Usage is the Priority


Always launches instantly, even without an internet connection

Completely Anonymous

Your usage data is only tied to your device. Nothing you do will be contributed towards any advertising networks

Ad Free

No annoying advertisements to disrupt your inputs

About Maker Calc

Welcome! I appreciate you being here. My name is Jake Hasler, and making things is my greatest passion. I love woodworking, leatherworking, and anything else that involves building with my hands. I also love building software, and when I couldn't find a great measurement calculator on the app store, I just decided to build my own to dominate all others.

My number one goal with Maker Calc is to help you improve your craft. Precise measurements lead to tight fitting pieces that do your designs the justice they deserve. The use cases are endless, and I want you to have the feeling that you can turn to Maker Calc when you need it most.

I also love heirloom quality tools, especially finding old relics at estate sales, flea markets, or in grandpa's toolbox. The best ones are built like tanks and stand the test of time. I want Maker Calc to give off a similar feeling of quality. As long as I'm still breathing, I will maintain the app and hold it to the highest standard of quality. If there's ever anything about the app that doesn't meet this standard, please let me know and I will fix it as quickly as I can.

There are plenty of other calculators out there that are probably getting the job done for you just fine. I even imagine that the most intelligent and experienced folks may have learned all the tricks to circumvent even needing a calculator. But that's not me -- and even if that's you, I'm certain that just having Maker Calc on your phone will prove valuable.

You can always reach me on instagram @haslercraft.